Day 25: Why I do the what I do

Bow posing around the world is fun!

During my most recent shoot in Melaka, Malaysia, one of the crew asked me why I did what I did, namely the Standing Bow Pose, on the pink steps of the museum next to Christ Church. “You have to do it?” she asked with a puzzled smile. I just nodded as I rushed to take my place and get into the asana before the crowds got into the photo. Later on, she willingly snapped my bow pose after we hiked to the top of Bukit St. Paul — no questions asked.

I got to thinking about her question: Why do I do it? I don’t know exactly why — perhaps maybe because it’s fun. I love the pose; it’s my favorite one from the Bikram Yoga hot sequence. It challenges me, and instills in me the courage to push to my edge little by little. It teaches me to lead with my heart.

Many times, my boyfriend has been my official bow pose (or should I say ‘beau pose’) photographer during our travels. “You should make it into an album,” he said (hence the Facebook album). And then my good friend Lille went on to suggest that I make it into a book. Who knows?

The first time I assumed the pose for the camera was when a group of journalists and I made it to to the top of Mount Maunganui, Tauranga on the North Island of New Zealand. We were up there to catch the sunrise. But alas, the sun stayed behind the clouds as soon as we had made it to the summit. Perhaps this was my way of making up for the disappointment — I mean, we had to be there for something that mattered, right? So I did it, with a view of the city behind me. (Unfortunately I can’t find the photo…but I will!). This was in May 2007, I believe. The gentleman reporter from Malaysia called it “the mermaid pose”.

Since then, I’ve made it a point to strike the bow pose wherever my travels take me. It’s my version of making my mark on new territory, much like planting a flag or a tree. Just think of the traveling gnome in Amelie, or the cardboard couple that George Clooney’s character is forced to shoot in front of famous city landmarks in Up in the Air. It’s the ultimate souvenir that says “I’ve been here”.

My friends Noelle and Celine also do their yoga poses for the camera. What do you do?


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