Day 27: A hat topic

Top row, left to right: A fedora from Melaka market; a red cloche from The Gap in Tokyo; and Adidas All-Blacks cap from Auckland. Bottom row, left to right: Pinky gave me this fedora from Greenhills Shoppesville; wide-brimmed woven hat from Baler, Aurora Province; and a bsaket-weave designer "cap" from France (a gift from my friend, Maryline).

I’ve loved hats for a long time. I remember buying a creme-colored newsboy cap in Tokyo when I was 13. A few years ago, I reignited my thing for them, shopping for newsboy caps and fedoras wherever my travels took me. But since it’s amazingly hot in Singapore, I decided to give them away to my nephews (the hats were mostly men’s hats anyway) about two years ago.

Recently, hats have started to figure in my life again, as I’ve slowly rebuilt my collection. I like how a wide-brimmed hat provides another layer of sun protection (over sunblock, which my sister Marie vehemently reminds me to apply daily). The straw fedora (top row, leftmost) recently spared me from heatstroke during the shoot in Melaka in Malaysia over the weekend. For just 10 Malaysian Ringgit (PHP150), I kept my cool (well, cool-ish) with the hat on. It’s a small investment that paid off big time.

Do you like hats? Tell me what your favorite one is.


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