Day 30: Walastik! I did it!

This is my prize!

Thanks to Mariel’s annual blog-a-thon, I’ve rejuvenated WalastikHolistic (next stop:

Here are a few insights I’d like to share which I have gleaned from doing this 30-day exercise:
1) When I commit to something, I always find a way to do it. And I find the time β€” even when I’m away on a business trip.
2) Whereas before, there seemed to be not much to blog about unless I was on holiday, my commitment to the task opened my eyes to fresh nuggets of insight, to photographs of things, people and corners of my life that I wanted to share. Nothing was too small or too trivial or unworthy of sharing.
3) The best entries were borne from a spirit of fun, and of feeling so much joy.
4) That line, “a picture paints a thousand words”, is so true. Sometimes, the photo comes first β€” then the words follow.
5) A challenge such as this is infectious…in a good way. I’ve had friends tell me the 30-day blog challenge sparked their minds to either blog also or start a creative venture. I love it!
6) Being able to complete a task such as this has shown me that goals are accomplished a day at a time, and that the journey towards the finish line can be very enjoyable.
7) I am very thankful that I am able to communicate my thoughts the way I do, and that people are touched by the humor and inspiration in this blog.

Now, it’s your turn. Do send me a link of your very own 30-day blog challenge when you start it, okay? And when you finish, I will make you a stamp of completion too πŸ™‚


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