M is for…

I had an M pandesal with my Kopi-C for breakfast!

…”Magandang umaga”, “Masarap”…

I’ve been a bad girl, skipping breakfast of late because I’ve been getting up later than usual. But thanks to Joanne, my friend’s girlfriend, I was motivated to eat this M-shaped pandesal. She baked it and shaped the dough into a letter M (for Maya, of course), then sprinkled it with bread crumbs before it was popped into the oven. Mmmm! It went well with my Kopi-C (ah, the alphabet of this morning’s breakfast!).

Of course, you could look at this piece of bread from different angles and think of other things:
• Upside down, it’s a W for Waya. My sister Pinky couldn’t say the M in my name. She was less than three years old, and each time I tried to get her to say Maya, she said Waya!
• Turned on one side, it looks like the shape of lips puckered up for a kiss.
• Turned on its other side, it looks like an E for “exciting”. It can also look like a cartoon drawing of a pig’s tail!

I guess you could say, breakfast got my mind churning…and all because of the letter M.


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