About me

I am many things: a writer. Published novelist. Former magazine editor. Fabric artist. Illustrator. Art tutor. Kindergarten relief teacher (check out http://www.mayacalica.com) But away from all my creative pursuits, I needed a space to express my passion for healing and caring the mind, body and spirit. So this is where I’ll be rambling and sharing.


6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Joely Ann says:

    Dear Maya,

    I have been reading your blog for two weeks now and I must say, you do really inspire me! I’ve heard so much about you from my friend Jiki. She has had only glowing words about you!

    I have met you before but I don’t think you remember as we worked for different magazines then. I do hope someday I am able to meet you and have ‘sunset wisdoms’ with you too.

    You are a beautiful person. I hope you do know that.

    Joely Ann xx

  2. Tiffany Salud says:

    Hi! I’m an officer of an org in dlsu. We’d like to invite you to a seminar on July 2 about how professional authors tackle the task of developing story elements. You can reach me through 09995371069, and I’ll give the details 🙂

  3. rohan santana says:

    hi maya..

    nice read. and i remember the cartoon in me when i drove you and rina home one evening..

    sitcom 1.
    me : driving. with shades by the visor, forever hanging.
    rina : you can turn left here.
    me : ok. (shades kept on falling from the visor, but again placed it back in there, as always)
    maya : hey…hindi ka ba naiilang sa shades mo while driving?
    me : nah..nasanay na din ako, kaya ko binabalik sa visor (serious mode)
    rina/maya : HAHAHAHAHA (my car created the loudest subwoofer and midrange laughter that instant)..

    have fun gurl…it’s been awhile 😉

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